How to Choose the Syringe Filter to Home-brew Steroids Powders

FAQ for choosing the syringe filter to steroids powders home-brewing:

1) Is it necessary to have a .22 um to have a sterile solution or the .45 gives acceptable results concerning the dangers of bacteria ? I would point out that I heat the solution at 100°C before for most type of steroid.

Necessary.. Hmmm.. No, not really. We used to use a .45 all the time with finaplix conversions. A .22 is a smaller micron filter and will filter more minute particles and is required by National pharmacopoeia (not sure if the international is the same) in the filtration methods to depyrogenate injectable medicines

2) Which membrane are the best for a steroid based solution ? PVDF, Nylon, PES? Whant about PTFE and other membranes such as glass fiber ?

now here is where you will find many differences of opinions. – .22 micron PVDF Millipore filters – Many guys have also moved away from syringe filters to cup/vacuum type filter systems.

3) Why my filtration is soooo slow ? Because of the .22 um instead of .45 um ? or the use of other type of membrane ? or the non-Whatman filter are poor quality ?

The filtering is always going to be slower in a .22 filter than a .45, It’s a smaller membrane your filtering through. As for the clogging

4) Did you experience many differences between whatman filter and other cheaper filters ?

if you buy knock off type filters, then your going to get what you pay for.. I wouldn’t trust them..Have you seen what an abcess can do?? Trust the tried and true names. Whatman isn’t just the only one.

5) what is the quickest membrane ?

You should not be looking for the quickest, but the best for what your filtering.

6) What about the quality of filtration of the vacuum filtration all in one unity. I used PES membrane. At first it was good, but I let it overnight with vacuum and the next day I could see some part of the membrane has been dissolved in the solution. I threw all the product. Poor quality. Maybe you know better membrane for sterile unity because it needs less work.

Many people have moved on to the vacuum filtering with great success. As for your melting. That comes from what your using as a carrier and chemicals used in your process. EO will melt rubber and also some membranes in the filters. EO came from one day we looked at the carrier in Virormone test prop and noticed that was the carrier and most people that have used this test prop have always loved it. So we thought why not use it in other conversions. It was then we also found that it will melt most common septums (the rubber piece in the top of the multi-use vial) used in the bottling process. Which is why you will only see the virormone testosterone in an amp form. Not in a multi-use vial.
It’s also why I don’t use it any longer.