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Trestolone Decanoate Raw Overview.

  • Alias: Trest Deca; MENT deca.
  • CAS ID: 3764-87-2(base)
  • Melting point: N/A °C.
  • Appearance: yellowish oily liquid @RT.

Trestolone, also known as MENT, it is a synthetic androgenic-anabolic steroid (AAS). Trestolone decanoate is another form of trestolone with a longer ester which make its half-life about 15 days. 

Must-Know For Trestolone Decanoate Raw.

If trestolone decanoate is prepared correctly, there is ZERO PIP and ment can even go smoothly through a slin pin.

·         Tresolone decanoate raw appears as white crystalline solid.

·         Trestolone decanoate can be administered intramuscularly, usually made into oil @ 100mg/ml.

·         The highest strength was made for trestolone decanoate oil is 100mg/ml with raw and necessary solvents.

·         Trestolone decanoate may not have regular sides as other steroids, but it aromatizes very much. A strong AI (i.e., aromasin, anastrozole) is a must while running trestolone ( we have 3 ester forms of trestolone acetate, trestolone decanoate and trestolone enanthate.

Making Trestolone Decanoate Oil with Raw.

Recipe for trest deca oil 100mg/ml

  • Dissolving formula for trest deca oil 500ml @100mg/ml:
  • around 50g trest deca raw,
  • around 345ml GSO(Grapeseed oil),
  • 10ml 2% BA(benzyl alcohol),
  • 100ml 20% BB(benzyl benzoate).
  • Grapeseed oil can be replaced with your custom carrier oil.


Dosage of Trestolone Decanoate And More.

Trestolone acetate should be administered between 25-50 / mg / day, or 50-100 mg / EOD.

Trestolone (acetate, decanoate and enanthate esters available) is a compound still in its infant stage with medicinal applications leaning toward testosterone replacement therapy and male contraception. Ironically, trestolone is a derivative of nandrolone and yet it seems that trestolone does not have the libido drawback that nandrolone has. Trestolone is considered to be nearly as potent as cheque drops but without nearly as much hepatotoxicity. This compound is a derivative of nandrolone with a 7-alpha-methyl attachment which preven alpha-5 reduction of the compound. However, due to the 7-alpha-methylation, Trestolone is capable of aromatizing to 7-alpha-methyl-estradiol.

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