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Boldenone Base

  • Alias: Boldenone no ester.
  • CAS ID: 846-48-0.
  • Melting point: 167-169°C.
  • Appearance: white crystalline powder.

Boldenone Base Powder Overview.

Boldenone will increase nitrogen retention, protein synthesis, increases appetite and stimulates the release of erythropoietin in the kidneys. Boldenone was synthesized in an attempt to create a long-acting injectable methandrostenolone (dianabol), for androgen deficiency disorders. Boldenone acts similar to methandrostenolone with less adverse androgenic effects.


Must-Know For Boldenone Base Powder.

Once your boldenone base (no ester) powder is received, please store it in a sealed container and put it in refrigerator at around 5~10°C. The shelf life is 4 years if stored properly. 

  • Boldenone base (no ester) powder appears as crystalline powders.
  • Boldenone can be converted to estrogen but less so than testosterone.
  • Boldenone base (no ester) powder is usually administered transdermally (Gel).
  • The highest strength was made for boldenone base gel is 25mg/ml with powder and necessary solvents.

Making Boldenone Base DMSO gel. with Powder.

Recipe for boldenone base (no ester) transdermal dosing.
  • Dissolving formula:
  • 40% Isopropyl Alcohol (91% or better),
  • 15% Isopropyl Myristate,
  • 15% Isopropyl Palmitate,
  • 10% Oleic Acid,
  • 10% Propylene Glycol,
  • 10% DMSO (99% Technical Grade or better recommended).
  • This is just for entertainment!!


More About Boldenone Base (Powder).

Boldenone base (no ester) acts similar to methandrostenolone with less adverse androgenic effects. It has a very long half-life, and can show up on a steroid test for up to 5 months, due to the long undecylenate ester attached to the parent steroid. Trace amounts of the drug can easily be detected for months after discontinued use. Although commonly compared to nandrolone, boldenone base (no ester) lacks progesterone receptor interaction and all the associated progestogenic side effects.

Boldenone base (no ester) can be converted to estrogen but less so than testosterone, in addition, boldenone is metabolized to 1,4 dienedione which is a potent aromatase inhibitor. Boldenone is converted by 5-alpha reductase to 1-testosterone, a more potent steroid as well as to the 5-beta isomer which is thought to be an inactive metabolite. Binding to SHBG is much lower with boldenone than with testosterone meaning a larger free plasma concentration but a shorter half-life in plasma. There is little to no binding to progesterone or glucocorticoid receptors and no real data on the interaction of boldenone with the different enzyme systems.

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